Display Ads

Display Ads Introduction

Why should I use Display Ads?

  1. Boost brand visibility

Showcase your brand & product with visually eye-catching creatives in one of Shopee's highest-traffic sections.

  1. Fuss-free cost control

Pay by cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), and cap your spend easily with our budget settings. 

  1. Robust campaign reporting

Review your campaign's estimated impressions before confirming your booking, and get live performance reports in Seller Centre. 

Where will my Display Ads appear?

Your Display Ads will appear on the Homepage banner carousel at the top of Homepage, in slot 10. 

Who will be able to use Display Ads?

Display Ads is open to Mall sellers only*. 

How do I get started?

  1. Set your campaign name, ad budget and duration.
  2. Your ad will run until either your budget runs out, or your ad duration comes to an end. 
  3. Review your estimated results.
  4. Based on your ad duration and budget, Shopee will provide the CPM quote, estimated impressions, and estimated expense (before tax). Note that impressions and expense figures are forecasts and may be different from reality. 
  5. Input your preferred billing company name, address and email.
  6. Shopee will use your selected billing details for generating your invoices. 
  7. After creating the booking, upload your banner creative and select the banner landing page.
  8. Use a creative that is visually appealing and compliant with Shopee guidelines. You may redirect shoppers to your shop homepage by default, or any Shopee microsite of your choice.

How will I be charged?

The Shopee team will email you monthly invoices of your Display Ads costs, including tax. Your cost will be calculated based on the CPM quoted when you created your booking, and the number of banner impressions measured during your campaign. You may make payment offline by following the instructions provided in your invoice*. 


  1. Display Ads is still in beta mode, and is thus available only to selected Mall sellers. We will progressively roll out Display Ads to more sellers and notify you when you are eligible.
  2. Ads Credit cannot be used to pay for Display Ads.
  3. To review best practices for running Display Ads, click here

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