Shopee can now automatically optimise bid prices to maximise your campaign day sales

On campaign days (e.g. 8.8, 9.9, etc.), ads typically have better sales conversion and increased bidding competition. Without increasing your manually set bid prices, your Product Search Ads and Discovery Ads may rank lower or not display at all. 

To help maximise your sales, Shopee now offers the option to optimise manually set bid prices automatically on campaign days, sothat your ads will continue to be displayed.

  1. For selected sellers, manually set bid prices will be automatically optimised for the campaign period, which starts 2 days before each campaign day (e.g. starting on 6 Aug for 8.8). This option is currently in Beta mode, and will gradually be made available to more sellers.

Can I choose whether I want to turn this setting on?

Yes, you will see a prompt when you enter Shopee Ads before each campaign day (e.g. 8.8, 9.9, etc.), where you have the option to turn this setting on. You can also go to your Shop Level Settings at any time to turn it on or off.

Note that if the setting is turned on, the automatic bid price optimisation only takes place for 24 hours on the campaign day itself. You will receive a reminder about this setting when the next campaign day comes.

  1. For selected sellers, automatic bid price optimisation will take place for 72 hours, starting from 2 days before each campaign day.

Will the automatic bid price optimisation setting be applied to all my Shopee Ads?

No. When the setting is turned on, it will only select: (i) Product Search Ads and Discovery Ads, (ii) with manually set bid prices, and (iii) that are experiencing a higher Return on Investment (ROI) on campaign days (which indicates that they have the potential to get more sales).

Note that Discovery Ads have been included from 17 Feb 2022 onwards.

Will my ads exceed the budget that I set?

No, each ad’s spending will still stay within the Total or Daily Budget that you have set.

To truly maximise your sales, increase your ad budgets by at least 50% to accommodate higher ad click volumes and make sure you have sufficient ads credit balance.

Will this setting affect my ad's performance negatively?

For ads where this setting is applied, the system will target to maintain your ad’s ROI above the average ROI of the last 15 days, while optimising to get more sales.

How do I know that the campaign day automatic bid price optimisation setting is turned on?

  1. You can check your Shop Level Settings to see if automatic bid price optimisation setting is turned on or off.
  2. On the campaign day or during the campaign period (for selected sellers), you will see the term “Dynamic”:
  3. Next to “Manually Selected” when you view the details of your Product Search Ads, and
  4. Under “Premium Rate” when you view the details of your Discovery Ads
  5. After the campaign day or campaign period (for selected sellers) is over, the word “Dynamic” will disappear and your original bid price settings will remain.

Why am I not able to see how Shopee is optimising my bid prices?

An algorithm updates your bid prices every few minutes throughout the campaign day or campaign period (for selected sellers), which makes it impractical to dynamically update the bid prices in real time.

Rest assured that a maximum bid price cap (set at 4x your original bid price) is in place to ensure that we help to grow your sales while maintaining your ad’s overall performance. This is a maximum - it will not be reached for every ad.

Can I control this setting from the Shopee app?

No, you will only be able to turn this setting on or off by accessing Shopee Ads through the Seller Centre website.

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